Presently Available

  1. Optical cryostat (lowest temperature 1.1 K)
  2. Dilution Fridge (no Magnetic field, to be operational from March 2022)
  3. Olympus fluorescence microscope with sensitive CMOS and CCD camera
  4. Homemade optical tweezer system (1064 nm) around an Olympus microscope
  5. NV-sensing system (homemade) for diamond and hBN
  6. Evaporator (thermal, electron beam evaporation) with Glancing Angle Deposition System
  7. Broadband (250 nm to 10 microns) spectrometer with chiro-optical measurements
  8. High speed camera, up to 200K fps
  9. Several electronic items including lockins, high voltage sources, electronic filters, current sources, oscilloscopes, electrometers, Data acquisition cards etc
  10. Variety of optical elements, vibration isolated optical table
  11. Chemical hood, sonicator, centrifuge and other related chemical processing tools
  12. Langmuir- Blodgett Trough