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Every year around the first week of March, Indian Institute of Science (IISc) opens up the research laboratories to welcome science and engineering enthusiasts to explore and enjoy the world of research and innovation at IISc. Open day is held to commemorate two important days of importance to the institute: 3rd of March is the birthday of Shri Jamsetji Nusserwanji Tata, whose vision and philanthropy led to the founding of IISc, and the 28th of February is celebrated across India as the National Science Day to mark the anniversary of the discovery of the Raman Effect. Sir C.V. Raman, was the first Indian Director of IISc during 1933-37.

Each year students and staff come together to conceive and build scientific demos that expound the principles of various research directions they are involved in. The demos are fun activities that help bring out the joy of exploration and science.

Other major attractions at CeNSE include:

  1. Tour of nanofabrication facility where you see how devices smaller than one thousandth the width of your hair are fabricated.
  2. Nano Science Quiz where participants test their knowledge of nano science and engineering and win exciting prizes including a chance to go inside the nanofabrication facility.
  3. Getting thermal images.