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Prof. Navakanta BhatWelcome to the Centre for Nano Science and Engineering (CeNSE) at Indian Institute of Science. Established in 2010, and formally dedicated to the nation in 2015, by the prime minister of India, CeNSE has emerged as a melting pot of different disciplines in science and engineering. The interdisciplinary research in the centre is defining new horizons through scientific discovery and engineering innovation at nano scale. The National Nanofabrication Centre (NNfC), anchored in CeNSE, is one of the best university foundries in the world. The Micro and Nano Characterization Facility (MNCF) is only one of its kind in an academic setting anywhere in the world. This unmatched physical infrastructure is complemented with an exceptional human capital of the centre, consisting of faculty, students, technical, administrative and support staff. The confluence of all these ingredients, provides an unique platform to experiment and innovate with nanomaterials and nanodevices, with unprecedented precision. The research and education in the centre is targeted towards diverse application areas including electronics, sensors, photonics, defence, space, energy, healthcare and agriculture. The underlying theme is to create societal impact by translating the academic research into useful products.

Our outreach programs are designed to ensure that CeNSE family extends beyond the physical confines, thereby creating a larger pool of people and resources. This enables us to achieve our collective vision, as a “team”, by leveraging complementary expertise. The Indian Nanoelectronics Users Program (INUP) has spread the awareness of nanotechnology to the remote corners of the country. A strong community of well trained researchers, more than 2000 in number from about 200 institutions, is now accessible through INUP network. We are also engaged in research collaboration with several universities in India and abroad. The Industry Affiliate membership Program (IAP) bridges the gap between academia and industry through sustained scientific interactions and joint research project execution. Nanotechnology start-up incubation program has already created four start-up companies cofounded by faculty, students and technical staff of the centre.

The future looks bright and clear. While we march forward to become one of the finest research centres in the world, we are equally determined to touch the lives of every citizen, by focusing on the bottom of the pyramid. We want to bring-in positive change in the society, through the intervention of nano science and engineering. Together, we can realize this dream. Come and join us; be part of this exciting journey…

— Navakanta Bhat