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Dr. Arunbabu A V


Peer Reviewed International Journals

  • A. Ayiriveetil, G.S. Varma, A. Chathurvedi, T. Sabapathy, U. Ramamurty, S. Asokan, “Structural, mechanical and optical studies on ultrafast laser inscribed chalcogenide glass waveguide,” Opt. Mater. (Amst)., vol. 66, pp. 386–391, Apr. 2017.
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  • T. Sabapathy, A. Ayiriveetil, A.K. Kar, S. Asokan, S.J. Beecher, Direct ultrafast laser written C-band waveguide amplifier in Er-doped chalcogenide glass, Opt. Mater. Express. 2 (2012) 1556–1561.
  • T. Sabapathy, M.S.R.N. Kiran, A. Ayiriveetil, A.K. Kar, U. Ramamurty, S. Asokan, Nanoindentation studies on waveguides inscribed in chalcogenide glasses using ultrafast laser, Opt. Mater. Express. 3 (2013) 684–690.
  • T. Sabapathy, G. Sivakumar, A. Ayiriveetil, S. Asokan, Controlling the cross-section of waveguides inscribed on bulk chalcogenide glasses using fast laser, Optoelectron. Adv. Mater. – RAPID Commun. 8 (2014) 1001–1004.
  • S.R. Gunti, A. Ayiriveetil, A. Sundarrajan, Thermodynamic, kinetic and electrical switching studies on Si15Te85-xInx glasses: Observation of Boolchand intermediate phase, J. Solid State Chem. 184 (2011) 3345–3352.

Conference and Seminars

  • A. Ayiriveetil, T. Sabapathy, A.K. Kar, S. Asokan, Photosensitivity study of GeS2 chalcogenide glass under femtosecond laser pulses irradiation, in: Int. Conf. Opt. Photonic Eng., 2015: p. 95242B. doi:10.1117/12.2189653.
  • T. Sabapathy, G. Sivakumar, A. Ayiriveetil, A.K. Kar, Effect of Net-Fluence on waveguide formation in ultrafast laser inscribed chalcogenide glass, Int. Conf. Fiber Opt. Photonics. (2012) 4–6.
  • T. Sabapathy, G. Sivakumar, A. Ayiriveetil, A.K. Kar, S. Asokan, Low loss waveguide on chalcogenide glass using ultrafast laser at low repetition rate, in: C. Quan, K. Qian, A. Asundi (Eds.), Int. Conf. Opt. Precis. Eng. Nanotechnol., 2013: p. 87693U. doi:10.1117/12.2018761.
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  • J. Linesh, K. Sudeesh, A. V Arunbabu, P.K. Shabeeb, V.P.N. Nampoori, Imaging of corrugated surface using tapered optical fiber, in: Int. Conf. Fiber Opt. Photonics, Delhi, India, 2008.
  • Shikha Ambastha, Sharath Umesh, A. Ayiriveetil, Shweta Pant, and S. Asokan, Fiber Bragg Grating Differential Pressure Sensor in: IEEE Conf. on Recent Advances in Lightwave Technology, Bangalore, 2016


  • Supervision and Management
  • Evaluate the calibration, performance, and maintenance of the instruments at MNCF
  • Execute feasibility studies of proposals submitted by various patron members,  industries, and academic labs and provide results/analysis supporting the decision-making process.
  • CeNSE Co-safety in charge