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Dr. Asis Sarkar


  • S. R. Bakaul, C. Serrao, M. Lee, Long You, C. W. Yeung, Asis Sarkar, A. I. Khan, C. Hu, R. Ramesh, Sayeef Salahuddin. “Single crystal ferroelectric oxide devices on silicon” Nature communication, Volume 7, 1, 10547, 2016.

Conference and Seminars

  • Chun Wing Yeung, Asif I. Khan, Asis Sarkar, Sayeef Salahuddin & Chenming Hu ”Low Power Negative Capacitance FETs for Future Quantum-Well Body Technology” VLSI TSA Symp. Tech. Dig., Taiwan, April 2013, pp. 179-180 (Best paper award).


  • Technology Manager for Thin films (PVD, ALD), Wet etch, furnaces, inline characterization bays, and equipment development.