RSK Memorial Award

R.S. Kotesa Memorial Award for "Art of Science"

The aim of this event is to capture the artistic aspects of science. This annual competition will cover visual art (images) produced during research. Submissions may include photographs, SEM images, microscopy images, computer generated visual art, drawings, simulation results, etc. Importance should be given to artistic creativity and aesthetics. Selected images will be exhibited in CeNSE. Awards will be presented for three best submissions during the CeNSE symposium to be held on 13th-14th March, 2020.

Individuals (students and staff) affiliated to Indian Institute of Science (IISc) are welcome to apply. Maximum 1 submission per individual (maximum size 10MB) will be accepted. Images should accompany an appropriate caption. The caption should highlight the artistic aspect of the image and not the scientific detail. For more information, contact: 

Application Deadline: 06th March, 2020. 11:59 PM 

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