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Reduced Graphene Oxide Nanomaterial Coated Cotton fabric as a heating device and method therefore

The invention relates to a heating device comprising a fabric integrated with reduced graphene oxide nanosheets films and method of fabrication thereof. The RGO coated cotton cloth based electro thermal film (figure 3(a)) showed a good heating performance. When 40V is applied, the saturated temperature were attained 52º C, 56º C and 62º C for 1 min, 5 min and 5 min under vacuum respectively. It has been observed that, the power drawn by the device at 40 V was 476 mW. For the complete time response of the heat element in the environmental condition at 30V & 40V Heating & Cooling is at max. 3min. When heating element device ambient goes down to the environmental conditions (around 20 ᵒC) to lower side, say for example between, - 15 °C to -35 °C, higher voltage is required to maintain at 20 °C as shown in figure 3(b). The typical performance of the fabricated cloth heater at different ambient temperatures is shown in figure 3 (b). Body warmers are generally used to combat cold weather conditions in chilly areas. They also find use in biomedical fields such as in electrotherapy treatments, medical blankets for patients in order to maintain their body temperatures; also in military jackets worn by soldiers in the defense forces and the like.

Figure 3: (a) Schematic view of (RGO nanosheets coated cotton cloth based heating element device and inset shows the fabricated heating device, (b) illustrates temperature verses Voltage performance of cotton cloth heating element maintained at different ambient temperatures.

Nagarjuna Neella, Vaishakh Kedambaimoole, K.Rajanna, M.M.Nayak, N.S. Dinesh, "Reduced Graphene Oxide Nanomaterial Coated Cotton fabric as a heating device and method therefore".

Indian Patent Filed, File No: 201741004725

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