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MEMS based microactuator for microjet applications

TitleMEMS based microactuator for microjet applications
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2011
AuthorsSingh, J, Rajanna, K, Umapathi, B, Nayak, MM, Nagachenchaiah, K
Conference NameSensors, 2011 IEEE
Date PublishedOct
Keywordschip-on-board technique, coupled field analysis, Drug delivery, drug delivery system, Films, finite element analysis, finite element methods, low temperature soldering, membrane type microactuator, MEMS, microactuators, microjet applications, PVDF films, Resonant frequency, Shape, silicon, soldering

The objective of this work is to confirm the possibility of utilization of PolyVinyliDeneFlouride (PVDF) films in MEMS based microactuator for microjet applications. A membrane type microactuator is designed, developed, packaged and tested. The microactuator consists of PVDF film attached to thin Silicon diaphragm. As the voltage difference is applied across it, due to the piezoelectric behaviour, it deforms primarily in d31 mode, which in turn deflects the diaphragm. Using finite element methods, coupled field analysis is carried out to optimize the dimensions of the actuator with respect to the output force and input voltage. A cavity with a square diaphragm of 1mm×1mm×5μm is realized using standard microfabrication technique. 50μm thick PVDF film, cut with special dicing saw, is glued inside the metalized cavity using low stress, conductive, room temperature cured epoxy. The 3mm×3mm×0.675mm actuator die is packaged using Chip-On-Board technique in conjunction with low temperature soldering for taking the connections. The micro-actuator is tested in both actuation and sensing mode. The developed actuator is proposed to use with micro nozzle to study the utilization in drug delivery system.