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Piezoelectric zinc oxide thin film for MEMS application: A comparative study

TitlePiezoelectric zinc oxide thin film for MEMS application: A comparative study
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2008
AuthorsGokhale, N, Parmar, M, Rajanna, K, Nayak, MM
Conference Name2008 3rd International Conference on Sensing Technology
Date PublishedNov
Keywordscantilever technique, cantilevers, dynamic response, MEMS, Micromechanical devices, microsensor, microsensors, piezoelectric property, piezoelectric thin film, piezoelectric thin films, piezoelectric zinc oxide thin film, sputtered coatings, sputtered thin film, vibrations, zinc compounds, ZnO

We report here, the study carried out on piezoelectric thin film for MEMS/Microsensor applications. The study includes characterization of sputtered thin film using indirect methods and comparison of behavior using cantilever technique for the confirmation of piezoelectric property. A suitable experimental setup was designed and fabricated for subjecting the cantilever to vibrate. The data was recorded for piezoelectric thin films deposited with different compositions. It is clearly evident that the direct method is inexpensive and easier for determining the quality of the deposited piezoelectric thin film.