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Widely tunable visible pulsed cascaded Raman fiber laser source

TitleWidely tunable visible pulsed cascaded Raman fiber laser source
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2024
AuthorsGoswami, A, Dash, S, Deheri, R, Supradeepa, VR
Conference NameNonlinear Frequency Generation and Conversion: Materials and Devices XXIII

We have generated a visible laser by second harmonic generation from a pulsed Cascaded Raman fiber Lasers (CRFL) continuously tunable in 1060nm-1600nm, using type-I LBO. To eliminate the requirement of precise synchronization and control, we employed a passive Q-switching mechanism for the Yb laser pumping the Raman module. The pump is made continuously tunable in Yb-band with wavelength dependent feedback in the Q-switched cavity ensuring continuous wavelength tunability of generated Raman Stokes. We utilized a large mode-area amplifier to amply pulse-energy without introducing temporal instability and optimized Raman module for efficient pump conversion. We demonstrated a widely tunable visible laser with approximately μJ pulse-energy and approximately 20 − 65kHz repetition-rate, 40-200ns pulse duration. This is the first demonstration of a high pulse energy nanosecond laser continuously tunable in 530nm-600nm making it a versatile laser source for numerous biomedical applications. The wavelength tunable range can be extended to 700nm by utilizing type-II LBO.