Optics, Nanostructures & Quantum Fluids Laboratory

Optics, Nanostructures & Quantum Fluids Laboratory

CeNSE, Indian Institute of Science
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We have wide interests in studying light-matter interactions in novel nanoscale systems, ranging from electron bubbles in superfluid helium to helical nanoplasmonic devices, and magnetic nano-propellers.

Most of our room temperature experiments are carried out in the Centre for Nano Science and Engineering, while the experimental setup for studying bubbles in superfluid helium is located in the Department of Physics.

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Maneuverability of Magnetic Nanomotors Inside Living Cells; Malay Pal*, Neha Somalwar*, Anumeha Singh, Ramray Bhat, Sandeep M. Eswarappa, Deepak K. Saini and Ambarish Ghosh, Advanced Materials, 10.1002/adma.201800429, 2018.

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Lekshmy joins Wang group at UCSD as Fulbright-Nehru Postdoctoral Fellow. Best of luck, Lekshmy!


Project assistant / research associate / postdoctoral fellow position for “Research in nanostructured optical materials and plasmonics”

The proposed research will focus on developing and studying nanostructured materials and devices with tailored optical properties, centred on plasmonic materials. The work will be heavily experimental, and the candidate must have prior proven experience on few of the following techniques: (i) Fabrication techniques including thin film evaporation, pulsed laser deposition, electron beam lithography and photolithography, (ii) Characterization techniques, including SEM and Raman/PL, (iii) Operating and maintaining equipment such as evaporators, developing optical characterization setups including low noise measurement schemes. Preference will be given to candidates of Physics and electronics background with PhD and MSc/BTech/MTech degrees; however, candidates from alternate educational backgrounds but having relevant prior experiences will also be considered. The salary will be as per government rules.
Eligible candidates can apply with their complete CV to ambarish@iisc.ac.in. Please mention names of at least two reviewers who have interacted with the candidate in a laboratory environment and ready to provide confidential letters of recommendation. Please contact through email. Phone calls / meeting in person will happen by invitation, after first round of screening.