Figure: Billions of nanopropellers on a wafer

Figure: Billions of nanopropellers on a wafer

Research in our group is focused on three very interesting nanoscale systems, ranging from nanometer sized bubbles containing single electrons in superfluid helium to a three dimensional arrays of plasmonic nanoparticles, and helical nanostructures that are magnetically actuated to move in fluid and gel-like environments. The scientific goals of these different projects are described in more detail in their respective pages.

Nanophotonics & Quantum Sensing : Harnessing plasmonic interactions in nanoscale systems for quantum technologies.

NanoroboticsStudying and engineering collective motion at the nanoscale in (bio)-fluidic environments.

Quantum Fluids : Micron and nano sized bubbles containing single/many electrons in liquid helium.

Representative publications:

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