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The main focus of our research group is on the development of novel MEMS and NEMS devices. In particular, we focus on dynamic devices where we use analytical, computational and experimental studies of the dynamics and mechanics of extremely small-scale structures for their applications in acoustics, ultrasonics, inertial navigation and medical diagnostics. Our work generally involves sound theoretical knowledge of linear and nonlinear vibrations, physics of transduction, methods of microfabrication and a host of characterization techniques. The design and fabrication of MEMS devices requires analysis (typically involving multiphysics and FEM calculations) and process simulations before the actual fabrication. Invariably, during the realization of a device, we end up with innovations in fabrication processes as well. Our search for the right material for the micromechanical structures, at times, leads to research on the development of materials as well, which we do in collaboration with materials research groups. Our quest for innovative micro and nano-scale transducers has led us to study insects where our focus is on discovering Nature’s design templates and transduction techniques used in multitude of extremely small scale sensors and actuators. We collaborate with biologists and ecologists for such studies.

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