Large tunable cooperativity between nanoresonators

In a recently published research in Nano Letters, we study coupling mechanism between two modes of a nanoscale resonators. Strong coupling between nanoresonators have previously been used to demonstrate novel effects such as cooling and electromagnetically induced transparency. The nanoscale resonator in this work is drum shaped resonator made of few atomic layers thick membrane and the modes are accommodated in this single nano drum resonator. The two different mechanical vibration modes have frequencies in 100 MHz range, the frequency range where FM radio works. The modes interact with each other via tension in the membrane which can be controlled electrically. In our experiment, the coupling is manipulated to enhance or reduce the energy exchange between the vibrational modes. The coupling can be increased to such an extent that the energy between the modes is exchanged more than 500 times back and forth before the information is lost to the environment. This is more than an order of magnitude improvement of in coupling compared to previous demonstrations. This demonstration of strong tunable coupling between high-frequency vibrational modes at nanoscale could lead to improvements in sensitivity of nano-mechanical sensors and has major implications for mechanical logic circuits and quantum limited measurement.

More details can be found here

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