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M. M. Nayak

Research Interests

  • MEMS Packaging
  • Pressure Transducers – Conventional and Advanced
  • Graphene/RGO/GO based Temperature Sensors
  • System Integration, Testing, Calibration etc.


Through ISRO:

  • Patent No.204437: “0 – 400 psia pressure transducer” (1997, renewed on 6.9.2007).
  • Patent No.742/MAS/99: “Ultrasonic Liquid Level Sensor”.
  • Patent No.IPA0108: “Cryogenic Depletion Sensor”.
  • Patent under submission:  “Polyphase motor based on shape memory alloy”.

Conference and Seminars

  • “Oxide backing layer for thin film strain gauges”, K.Rajanna, M.M.Nayak and  S.Mohan,  Presented  at the  IVS  National symposium 1988  on Vacuum Science and   Technology held during 19 21, December 1988 at IIT, Bombay.
  • “Effect of Post deposition heat treatment on the performance of a thin film Pressure transducer”, K.Rajanna, M.M.Nayak and S.Mohan, Presented at the 14th National Symposium on Instrumentation  NSI 14 held during 3 6, October 1989.
  • “Sputtered platinum thin film strain gauges on anodized diaphragm for pressure measurement applications”, M.M.Nayak, K.Rajanna, R.Krishnamurthy and S.Mohan, Presented at the IVS (Indian  Vacuum Society) Symposium held during October 1993 at NPL, Delhi.
  • “Super Invar as strain gauge material”, M.M.Nayak, K.Rajanna, S.Mohan  N.Gunasekaran and A.E.Muthunayagam, 5th MRSI ( Materials Research Society of India) AGM held during February 1994 at DMRL, Hyderabad.
  • “Long term stability studies on uncompensated thin film pressure transducers”, M.M.Nayak, K.Rajanna, S.Mohan, N.Gunasekaran and A.E.Muthunayagam, Presented at the Instrument Society of India Symposium   (NSI 18) held  during  Jan. 1994 at S.V.University, Tirupathi.
  • “Suitability of thin film strain gauge based transducer for bio medical blood pressure monitoring”, K.Rajanna, L.Shivalingappa,M.M.Nayak, S.Mohan, S.Anand and S.K.Guha, Presented at the VII National Conference of the Society of Biomaterials and Artificial Organs (India) held during April 8 9, 1994, at Indian Institute of Technology, New Delhi.
  • “Pressure sensor with sputtered Ti W thin film strain gauges”, M.M.Nayak, N.Gunasekaran, A.E.Muthunayagm, K.Rajanna, S.Mohan, K.Purandher Gota, S.R. Soloman and G.H.Sharma, Presented at NAGANO magel’94, the 1st Magneto- Electronics International Symposium, held during 9-  11,  November  1994 at Nagano, Japan.
  • “Thin film strain gauge transducer for Bio medical blood pressure Monitoring”, K.Rajanna, L.Shivalingappa, S.Mohan,M.M.Nayak, S.Anand and S.K.Guha, Presented at NAGANO magel’94, the 1st Magneto- Electronics International Symposium held during 9 11,  November  1994 at Nagano, Japan.
  • “Polymer and oxide coatings as insulating layers for thin film strain gauge sensor application – A comparative study”, K.Rajanna, M.M.Nayak, S.Mohan and N.Gunasekaran, Presented at the Materials Research Society of India (MRSI) Seventh Annual General Meeting held during 1 3, February 1996 at Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore.
  • “Comparative study on conventional strain gauges, thin film strain gauges and polysilicon on insulator (PSOI) based pressure transducers”, M.M.Nayak, K.Rajanna, N.Gunasekaran and S.Mohan Presented at the International Conference on Instrumentation (ICI 96)  held  during August 1996 at Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore.
  • “Strain Gauge pattern for the miniaturised temperature compensated integral diaphragm type pressure sensor”, K.Rajanna, V.Radhakrishna, and M.M.Nayak, Presented at the National Symposium on Instumenatation (NSI – 24), held at Goa, during February 2- 5, 2000.
  • “Study on the applicability of point-contact SAW technique for pressure and strain measurement of flexible substrate”,  Biren J Parmar, K.Rajanna and M.M.Nayak,  presented at the  Asia-Pacific conference of Transducers 2006 (APCOT 2006) held at Singapore during June 2006.
  • “Thin film based temperature sensor on hard anodized aluminum alloy substrate for cryogenic application”, A.Rajendra, A.K.Sharma, H.Bhojraj, D.R.Bhandari, Biren J Parmar, K.Rajanna and M.M.Nayak,  presented at the  Asia-Pacific conference of Transducers 2006 (APCOT 2006)  held at Singapore during June 2006.
  • “Study of performance parameters of a silicon pressure sensor”,  Jaspreet Singh, K.Nagachenchaiah,  M.M.Nayak   and  K. Rajanna, Presented at the   Asia-Pacific conference of Transducers 2008 (APCOT 2008)  held at Taiwan during June 2008.
  • “Flow measurement using MEMS based Piezoresistive Sensor”, Jaspreet Singh, M.M.Nayak, K.Nagachenchaiah and K.Rajanna, Proceedings of the 5th Asia-Pacific conference on Transducers and Micro-Nano Technology 2010 ( APCOT MNT 2010 ) held at Perth, Western Australia during July 2010, pp 239.
  • “Pressure measurement using MEMS based sensor array over a backward facing step in IISc hypersonic shock tunnel”, S.N.Ram, Jaspreet Singh, G.Jagadeesh, M.M.Nayak, Presented at The 28th International Symposium on Shock waves ( ISSW 28 )  held at Manchester, U.K. during July 17 -22,  2011.
  • “MEMS based micro actuator for micro jet application”, Jaspreet Singh, K.Rajanna, B.Umapathi, M.M.Nayak, K.Nagachenchaiah, Accepted for presention at the IEEE International conference on Sensors 2011 ( IEEE SENSORS 2011 ) to be held in Limerick, Ireland during October 28-31, 2011.
  • “Non – Invasive human breath Sensor”, Roopa G., M.M.Nayak, K.Rajanna,  Accepted for presention at the IEEE International conference on Sensors 2011 ( IEEE SENSORS 2011 ) to be held at  Limerick, Ireland during October 28 – 31, 2011.