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Oppili Prasad L


  • Oppili Prasad, P.Jha, S.S.Pillai, M.Prasad, B.Amrutur and S.Sambandan, “Interconnects on Elastomers: Optimizing for Stretchability, Speed and Layout Area”, IOP Flexible and Printed Electronics, vol. 2, no. 4, pp. 045007, 2017.

Conference and Seminars

  • Oppili Prasad, P.Jha, S.Sambandan and B.Amrutur, “Towards low cost stretchable electronics systems based on toner transfer of copper interconnect patterns onto elastomeric susbtrates”, 2nd IEEE-ICEE, December 2014, Bangalore.
  • Oppili Prasad, S.S.Pillai and S.Sambandan, “Micro strain and temperature sensors for space applications based on optimized Graphite-PDMS composite”, Proceedings of the IEEE-FLEPS, Glasgow, UK, July 2019. (Received an award- certificate for being shortlisted among top-10 best research papers of the conference).