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Bharathi Rajeswaran

Research Interests

  • Phase change Materials
  • Spectroscopy


  •  ”Comparing the Effect of Synthesis Techniques on the Semiconductor-Metal Transition of VO2 thin films” Bharathi Rajeswaran*, A.M. Umarji, Materials Letters, 2023, 339,134108|IF:3.423
  • ”Nanostructure-Free Metal-Dielectric Stacks for Raman Scattering Enhancement and Defect Identification in CVD-Grown Tungsten Di-Sulfide (2H-WS2) Nanosheets” Bharathi Rajeswaran, Rajashree Konar, Sriram Guddala, Tali Sharabani, Eti Teblum, Yaakov Raphael Tischler, Gilbert Daniel Nessim, Journal of Physical Chemistry C 2022, 126, 48, 20511–20523|IF:4.126
  • ”Study of structural and electrochemical properties of tungsten-doped V2O5 nanostructures for solid-state energy storage applications” Lakshmi Sajeev, C. Sreelakshmi, Merlin R. Charlotte, Alisha Mary Manoj, Chittur Krishnaswamy Subramaniam, Narayanasamy Arunai Nambi Raj, Bharathi Rajeswaran, Leema Rose Viannie,Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Electronics 2022, 33, 24159–24172|IF:2.478
  • ”CVD-assisted Synthesis of 2D Layered MoSe2 on Mo foil and Low-Frequency Raman scattering of its Exfoliated Few-Layer Nanosheets on CaF2 Substrate” Rajashree Konar, Bharathi Rajeswaran, Atanu Paul, Eti Teblum, Hagit Aviv, Ilana Perelshtein, Ilya Grinberg, Yaakov Tischler, GilbertNessim, ACS Omega 2022, 7, 5, 4121–4134|IF:3.512
  • ”Low-frequency raman spectroscopy as a diagnostic tool for COVID-19 and other coronaviruses”,Leor Jacobi, VH Damle, Bharathi Rajeswaran, Yaakov Tischler, R. Soc. Open Sci, 7, 1-28|IF:3.653
  • “IR photoresponsive VO2 thin films and electrically assisted transition prepared by single-step chemical vapor deposition”, Bharathi Rajeswaran*, Inyalot Jude Tadeo,A. M. Umarji, Journal of Materials Chemistry C. 2020,8, 12543-12550 |IF:8.067
  • “Influence of Ce–W co-doping on phase transition temperature of VO2 thin films deposited by ultrasonic nebulized spray pyrolysis of aqueous combustion mixture”, Inyalot Jude Tadeo, Bharathi Rajeswaran, A. M. Umarji, Journal of Physics. D: Applied Phys. 53 185104(2020) |IF:3.169
  • “Defect Engineering of VO2 Thin Films Synthesized by Chemical Vapor Deposition”, Bharathi Rajeswaran*, A.M. Umarji, Materials Chemistry Physics,245, 122230 (2020)| IF:3.408
  • “Phase Transition Induced Micromechanical Actuation In VO2 coated cantilever”, Bharathi Rajeswaran*, Leema Rose Viannie, Rajanna K, G. R.Jayanth, and A. M. Umarji, Journal of Applied Physics 124, 074502 (2018)| IF:2.328
  • “Thermochromic VO2 thin films on ITO-coated glass substrates for broadband high absorption at infra-red frequencies”, B Rajeswaran, JK Pradhan, S Anantha Ramakrishna, AM Umarji, Journal of Applied Physics 122 (16), 163107 (2017)| IF:2.328
  • “High contrast switchability of VO2 based metamaterial absorbers with ITO ground plane”, Jitendra K Pradhan, S Anantha Ramakrishna, Bharathi Rajeswaran, Arun M Umarji, Venu Gopal Achanta, Amit K Agarwal, Amitava Ghosh, Optics Express 25(8)9116-9121(2017)| IF:3.669
  • “Phase evolution and infrared transmittance in monophasic VO2 synthesized by a rapid non-equilibrium process” , B Rajeswaran*, AM Umarji ,Materials Chemistry Physics, 190, 219–229,(2017)|IF:3.408
  • “Effect of W addition on the electrical switching of VO2 thin films”, B Rajeswaran*, AM Umarji AIP Advances 6 (3), 035215 (2016)| IF:1.579
  • “Thermally switchable metamaterial absorber with a VO2 ground plane” , Rameshwari Naorem, Govind Dayal, S. Anantha Ramakrishna, Bharathi Rajeswaran, A. M Umarji, Optics Communications 346 (0), 154-157 (2015)| IF:2.125
  • “Metal–insulator transition characteristics of vanadium dioxide thin films synthesized by ultrasonic nebulized spray pyrolysis of an aqueous combustion mixture”, R. Bharathi*, Rameshwari Naorem, A. M. Umarji, Journal of Physics. D: Applied Phys. 48 305103(2015)|IF:3.169 

(*corresponding Author)