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Chandan Kumar

Research Interests

  • Electron hydrodynamics
  • Scanning SET
  • Electron optics
  • Moire Physics in mesoscopic devices
  • Developing novel Scanning techniques


  • Chandan Kumar*, John Birkbeck*, Joseph A. Sulpizio*, et al. “Imaging Hydrodynamic Electrons Flowing Without Landauer-Sharvin Resistance” Nature 2022; arXiv:2111.06412
  • Ady Stern, Thomas Scaffidi Oren Reuven, Chandan Kumar et al. “Spread and erase-How electron hydrodynamics can eliminate the Landauer-Sharvin resistance” arXiv:2110.15369
  • Chandan Kumar#, Anindya Das “Effect of boron nitride defects and charge inhomogeneity on 1/f noise in encapsulated graphene” Appl. Phys. Lett. 119, 223106 (2021)
  • Arup Kumar Paul, Manas Ranjan Sahu, Chandan Kumar et al. “Interplay of filling fraction and coherence in symmetry broken graphene p-n junction” Communication Physics (2020): 1-7
  • Chandan Kumar, Saurabh Kumar Srivastav, Priyo Adhikary et al. “Localization physics in graphene moire superlattices” Physical Review B 98.15 (2018): 155408
  • Chandan Kumar, Saurabh Kumar Srivastav, Anindya Das “Equilibration of Quantum Hall edge states in symmetry broken bilayer graphene” Physical Review B 98.15 (2018): 155421
  • Chandan Kumar, Manabendra Kuiri, Anindya Das, “Equilibration of quantum hall edge states and its conductance fluctuations in graphene p-n junctions” Solid State Communications 270 (2018): 38-44
  • Chandan Kumar*, Manabendra Kuiri*, Jeil Jung et al. “Tunability of 1/f Noise at Multiple Dirac Cones in hBN Encapsulated Graphene Devices” Nano letters 16.2 (2016):1042-1049
  • Biswanath Chakraborty, Satyendra Nath Gupta, Anjali Singh, Manabendra Kuiri, Chandan Kumar, et al “Electron-hole asymmetry in the electron-phonon coupling in top-gated phosphorene transistor” 2D Materials 3.1 (2016): 015008
  • Manabendra Kuiri*, Chandan Kumar*, Biswanath Chakraborty et al. “Probing 2D black phosphorus by quantum capacitance measurements”; Nanotechnology 26.48 (2015): 485704
  • Sanjeev Kumar, Chandan Kumar, John Jesudasan et al. “Origin of matching effect in anti-dot array of superconducting NbN thin films” Superconductor Science and Technology 28.5 (2015), 055007
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