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Industry Affiliate Program

  1.  A win-win model for industry & academia

  2.  Enabling collaboration and networking between CeNSE and the Industry Affiliate (IA) Member

  3.  Establishing research collaborations between faculty & industry to jointly tackle complex problems

  4.  Enabling utilization of CeNSE research facilities

  5.  Implement the features by handholding the IA

  6.  CeNSE and IA working as one team to create an ecosystem benefitting society at large

Features of Industry Affiliate Member

  1.  Facility @CeNSE: Enable CeNSE Facility Usage
  2.  Projects @CeNSE: Enable consultancy & research projects with faculty
  3.  Training @CeNSE: Coordinate training for Industry in the areas of semiconductor & nanotechnology
  4.  Talent @CeNSE: Facilitate student interactions for internships & placements
  5.  Network @CeNSE: Networking with CeNSE faculty, staff, other IAP members, etc.
  6.  Seminar @CeNSE: IAP named distinguished lectures & exclusive access to the CeNSE Annual Symposium
  7.  Support @CeNSE: Facilitate visits to CeNSE/IISc, Single point of contact for all queries from IAP member

Overall Industry Collaboration 

Contact Details

Address for correspondence:

CeNSE Industry Interface & Industry Affiliate Program Office (TF-08)

For IAP related, email:

For industry engagements, email: