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Dhavala Suri

Research Interests

  • Synthesis of epitaxial thin films of semiconductors and superconductors via molecular beam epitaxy
  • Interface engineering of superconductors and ferromagnet hybrids, topological materials etc.


  • Large Enhancement of Critical Current in Superconducting Devices by Gate Voltage,
    Mirko Rocci, Dhavala Suri, Akashdeep Kamra, Gilvânia Vilela, Norbert Nemes, Jose Luis Martinez, Mar Garcia Hernandez, Jagadeesh S Moodera, Nano letters (2020)
  • Non-reciprocity of vortex-limited critical current in conventional superconducting micro-bridges
    Dhavala Suri , Akashdeep Kamra, Thomas N. G. Meier, Matthias Kronseder, Wolfgang Belzig, Christian H. Back, Christoph Strunk, Applied Physics Letters 121, 102601 (2022)
  • Observation of Planar Hall Effect in Topological Insulator--Bi2 Te3, Archit Bhardwaj, Karthik Raman
    Dhavala Suri, Applied Physics Letters (2021)
  • Interfacial control of vortex-limited critical current in type II superconductor films
    Marius K Hope, Morten Amundsen, Dhavala Suri, Jagadeesh S Moodera, Akashdeep Kamra, Physical Review B 104, 184512 (2021)
  • Finite transverse conductance in topological insulators under an applied in-plane magnetic field
    Dhavala Suri, Abhiram Soori, Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter 33 (33), 335301 (2021)