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Prosenjit Sen

Research Interests

  • Interfacial Microfluidics for Lab-on-Chip & other applications
  • Nanostructures for Self-Cleaning and Anti-Microbial Surfaces
  • Using Interfaces to investigate Cells for Cytometry and Separation of CTC’s
  • 3D Heterogeneous Integration of Micro-Nano Scale Devices for System Scaling


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  • P. Sen and C.-J. Kim, “Electrostatically Driven High Speed Microdroplet Switch”, Patent pending: PCT/US2008/051094, Jan 2008.
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  • J. I. Hur, P. Sen and C.-J. Kim, “Microstructured Cathode For Self-Regulated Oxygen Generation And Consumption”, UCLA Invention Report.

Conference and Seminars

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