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Nano-electronics pertains to the investigation of transport and behaviour of electrons (and holes!) at the nanoscale, and involves design, development and understanding of electronic devices for the next generation of high-performance technologies. The theme of nano-electronics research done at our Centre is:

  • to solve problems in existing device technologies to improve performance,
  • to help develop indigenous device technology and the know-how,
  • and to explore exciting physical properties of devices and materials toward realizing novel devices with superior functionalities.

At CeNSE, we work at the interface of electronics, materials science, physics, and chemistry, to design and investigate a wide range of devices encompassing chemi-resistive gas sensors based on transition metal oxides and their hybrids, wide band gap semiconductor-based transistors and deep-UV detectors, perovskites and silicon/perovskite tandem solar cells, p-type metal oxides for thin film transistors and many more. We welcome you to explore the sub-sections below to get a glimpse of the exciting work we do in nano-electronics.


GaN Technology

Post-silicon Options

Solar Cells

Gas-sensing, Bio-sensing

Device Modeling and Simulation

Devices on 2D Materials

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