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Roopa J

Research Interests

  • Thin Film Flexible Sensors for Wearable Electronics
  • Energy harvesters: Triboelectric Nanogenerators
  • Embedded Systems 
  • Real Time Systems


  • Roopa J, Geetha K S, B S Satyanarayana, “Fabrication of Polymer Based Flexible Sensors for EoG and EMG Application”, Materials Today Proceedings- Elsevier Journal -2021.
  • Roopa J, Geetha K S, B S Satyanarayana, “Modeling and Simulation of Tribo electric Nano Generator for Energy Harvesting Using COMSOL Multiphysics® and Optimization on Thickness of Flexible Polymer”, Materials Today Proceedings- Elsevier Journal -2021.
  • Roopa J,  Geetha K S, B S Satyanarayana,et al., “Bio Potential Signal Conditioning using MATLAB on Electromyography Signals”, July 2019- published in IJRTE Journal.
  • Roopa J, Govinda Raju M, Amith M Ugargool, “Parallel Hardware Architecture for Implementation of High-Speed MAC”. International Journal of Public Health Research and Development, Vol 9, Issue 11, November 2018, ISSN:0976-5506, pp 33-38.  
  • Roopa J, Koushik B, Govinda Raju M, et al., “Signal Condition and Acquisition System for a Low-Cost EMG Based Prosthetic Hand”,  Springer LNNS, Nov -2016( conference)- Journal- 2017.
  • Roopa J, Geetha K S, B S Satyanarayana, et al., “Wireless Monitoring of NH3(Ammonia) using WO3 Thin Film Sensor”, Springer LNNS, Nov -2016
  • Roopa J, Vinayaka H, “Intelligent System for Monitoring and Controlling Grain Condition Based on ARM 7 Processor”, International Journal of Latest Technology in Engineering, Management & Applied Science (IJLTEMAS) Volume V, Issue VII, July 2016 | ISSN 2278-2540


  • Novel flexible polymer based multilayered sensor for pressure displacement and biomedical sensing applications- Granted
  • Device for determining the moisture content of a mulberry leaf- Patent published

Conference and Seminars

  •   Roopa J, Geetha K S, etal., “Synthesis and Fabrication of Al- PDMS based Triboelectric Nanogenerator”, International Conference on Materials, Applied Physics & Engineering (ICMAE) June 3rd – 4th, 2018, IIT- Indore(Effhotel).
  •  Roopa J, K S Geetha, B S Satyanarayana, etal, Design and Simulation of PDMS Based Dry Electrode with impurities using Comsol Multiphysics, COMSOL Conference on Oct 29th and 30th, 2015, Pune
  •  Roopa J, K S Geetha, B S Satyanarayana, Vishnu Murthy, “Development of a Conducting Polymer [Polyaniline] Based Gas Sensor”., IEEE International Conference on Electrical, Electronics, Signals, Communication and Optimization (EESCO) - 2015, Vizag, Jan 24 and 25th 2015.
  • Roopa J, Vishnu Murthy, Madhura N Talwar, Muniraj, Megharaj,  B S Satya Narayana, K S Geetha, Development of a Polymer based Odour Sensor for Food and Safety Applications, International Conference on Large Area Flexible Electronics and Macroelectronics (ILAFM), December 18th to 20th 2014, RV College of Engineering.