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Saloni Chaurasia

Research Area


  • Saloni Chaurasia, B.S. Chaurasia, P. Chakrabarti, “Design and Simulation of High ‘g’ and Low Cross Axis Sensitivity Single Axis Piezoresistive MEMS Accelerometer”, International Journal of Electronics Communication and Computer Engineering Volume 4, Issue 4. ISSN (Online): 2249–071X, ISSN (Print): 2278–4209.


  • Saloni Chaurasia, Prosenjit Sen and Navakanta Bhat ,"A Parallel Plate Capacitive Sensing Device With High Sensitivity Brought By Simultaneous Change In Gap And Area " Indian Patent Application no.201641026543.
  • Saloni Chaurasia, Srinivasan Raghavan, Navakanta Bhat ,Sushobhan Avasthi , “Diffusion barrier andbottom electrode for photovoltaic cells on metallic substrates” U.S. Patent Application (Pending).