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Arun Singh Chouhan

Conference and Seminars

  • Arun Singh Chouhan, Supratik Das Gupta, Vikas Shabadi, Aldin Radetinac, Philipp Komissinskiy, Ajay D Thakur, and Lambert Alff, ”Control of stoichiometry in LaMnO3/La2MnO4 thin films grown by Pulsed Laser Deposition”, 79th annual meeting of DPG, Berlin (2015).
  • Arun Singh Chouhan, naga Prathibha Jasti, Raghunandan Iyyer and Sushobhan Avasthi, ”Compact-TiO2 Deposited via ALD for Highly-Repeatable and Low-Hysteresis Perovskite Solar Cells” to be presented at 2017 MRS Spring Meeting , Phoenix, AZ, March 2016.