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  1. Do the students have a flexibility in joining date (exams etc.,)?
    The intern has to join the program before 31st May, and should spend at least 8 weeks.
  2. Which Faculty details to be provided in the Application? 
      Faculty is your faculty under whom you are studying at present, not IISc faculty with whom you will work during your internship.
  3. What do we mean by reference letter?
    It means a letter from a faculty member who has taught you a course, or have supervised you in a project.
  4. Who should fill the reference letter?
    Once an application is submitted an unique code is generated and same is shown after successful submission of the form. This code has to be shared to faculty with email id used for registration. Faculty will fill the Reference submission and submit the same.
  5. Eligibility criteria – students studying in various stages of UG/PG?
    Anybody actively enrolled in a degree program (UG/PG) will be eligible. If the student is graduating before the start of summer (May), he/she will not be eligible.
  6. Currently student, by start of the program one would get graduated, is this a constraint?
    See before
  7. If the documents to be uploaded crosses the size limit set at the website, how should a student provide the documents to the centre?
    Send a mail to with your files attached mentioning the reason for not uploading on the website.
  8. To whom should we write for any further queries regarding the program?
    Send your queries to
  9. Any accommodation will be provided to participants of the summer program?
    No accommodations will be provided to the participants.

A few more points to be noted:

These internship positions are industry sponsored and you will receive a sum of Rs 5000/- (Rupees five thousand) per month of your stay.

  1. You are expected to stay at the Centre for a minimum of 8 weeks. Requests for shorter internship periods will not be considered.
  2. You will be responsible for arranging your accommodation.
  3. An oral presentation would have to be made by you at the end of your stay.