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Prof. Srinivasan RaghavanWelcome to the Centre for Nano Science and Engineering. CeNSE, as we call ourselves, is home to an exciting group of people working on a range of interdisciplinary problems, with little regard to the background we may have come from. An aeronautical engineer works on DNA sequencing and bacterial swarms. Physicists work on nanomotors that can travel through the human body, quantum sensing, liquid helium and lasers that can blast through walls. Metallurgists work on systems at the edge of chaos, engineering atomically thin materials, developing materials for e-vehicles and 5G electronics. Electronics engineers work on sensors that analyze breath and blood, cutting edge photovoltaics, quantum communication, neuromorphic devices and integrated photonics. Mechanical engineers work on micro and nano-systems, designing speakers that mimic the noisy cricket, studying turmeric, energy dissipation and droplet formation… and of course they all work with each other.

We are supported by state-of-the-art facilities – for fabrication and characterization of micro and nanostructures- that are amongst the best in the world and managed by professional staff members. These are national facilities that can be accessed by anybody in India – students, academics, the strategic sector and industry – or for that matter, the world, through our INUP and ISTEM portals.

Science to Systems to Society is our motto. We have developed technologies based on the science we do and translated them to society either through the start-ups we have incubated, licensing to industry or transferring to the strategic sector. The Technology Business Incubator (TBI at CeNSE) has been set up to enable start-ups, from IISc and outside, that can leverage our facilities. An Industry Affiliate Program (IAP) serves as a platform to engage with industry.

Our students make us proud by excelling on the international stage, and as alumni, they have gone on to occupy exciting positions in academia, industry, start-ups and the government.

To the student out there interested in doing research, you will not find a better place than CeNSE. To the interested faculty candidate, we welcome all backgrounds. We are especially looking for women faculty candidates. To industry, come and leverage our capabilities – intellectual and infrastructural- to meet your requirements.

Regardless of your background, your interest is most welcome.

— Srinivasan Raghavan