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Advanced MEMS Packaging

Course Code: 
NE 221
Course Credit: 
January - April

This course intends to prepare students to pursue advanced topics in more specialized areas of MEMS and Electronic packaging for various real-time applications such as Aero space, Bio-medical, Automotive, commercial, RF and micro fluidics etc. MEMS – An Overview, Miniaturisation, MEMS and Microelectronics -3 levels of Packaging. Critical Issues viz., Interface, Testing & evaluation. Packaging Technologies like Wafer dicing, Bonding and Sealing. Design aspects and Process Flow, Materials for Packaging, Top down System Approach. Different types of Sealing Technologies like brazing, Electron Beam welding and Laser welding. Vacuum Packaging with Moisture Control. 3D Packaging examples. Bio Chips / Lab-on-a chip and micro fluidics, Various RF Packaging, Optical Packaging, Packaging for Aerospace applications. Advanced and Special Packaging techniques – Monolithic, Hybrid etc., Transduction and Special packaging requirements for Absolute, Gauge and differential Pressure measurements, Temperature measurements, Accelerometer and Gyro packaging techniques, Environmental Protection and safety aspects in MEMS Packaging. Reliability Analysis and FMECA. Media Compatibility Case Studies, Challenges/Opportunities/Research frontier.

Instructors:  Prosenjit Sen and M.M. Nayak