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Advanced micro- and nanofabrication technology and process

Course Code: 
NE 203
Course Credit: 
August - December

Introduction and overview of micro and nano fabrication technology. Safety and contamination issues in a cleanroom. Overview of cleanroom hazards. Basic process flow structuring. Wafer type selection and cleaning methods. Additive fabrication processes. Material deposition methods. Overview of physical vapour deposition methods (thermal, e-beam, molecular beam evaporation) and chemical vapour deposition methods (PE-CVD, MOCVD, CBE, ALD). Pulsed laser deposition (PLD), pulsed electron deposition (PED). Doping: diffusion and ion implant techniques. Optical lithography fundamentals, contact lithography, stepper/canner lithography, holographic lithography, direct-laser writing. Lithography enhancement methods and lithography modelling. Non-optical lithography; E-beam lithography, ion beam patterning, bottom-up patterning techniques. Etching process: dry and wet. Wet etch fundamentals, isotropic, directional and anisotropic processes. Dry etching process fundamentals, plasma assisted etch process, Deep Reactive Ion Etching (DRIE), Through Silicon Vias (TSV). Isotropic release etch. Chemical-mechanical polishing (CMP), lapping and polishing. Packaging and assembly, protective encapsulating materials and their deposition. Wafer dicing, scribing and cleaving. Mechanical scribing and laser scribing, Wafer bonding, die-bonding. Wire bonding, die-bonding. Chip-mounting techniques.

Instructors: Shankar Kumar Selvaraja and Sushobhan Avasthi