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MEMS: Modeling, Design, and Implementation

Course Code: 
NE 222
Course Credit: 
August - December

This course discusses all aspects of MEMS technology – from modeling, design, fabrication, process integration, and final implementation. Modeling and design will cover blockset models of MEMS transducers, generally implemented in SIMULINK or MATLAB. Detailed multiphysics modeling may require COMSOL simulations. The course also covers MEMS specific micromachining concepts such as bulk micromachining, surface micromachining and related technologies, micromachining for high aspect ratio microstructures, glass and polymer micromachining, and wafer bonding technologies. Specific case studies covered include Pressure Sensors, Microphone, Accelerometers, Comb-drives for electrostatic actuation and sensing, and RF MEMS. Integration of micromachined mechanical devices with microelectronics circuits for complete implementation is also discussed.

Instructors: K.N. Bhat and Saurabh A. Chandorkar