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Course Code: 
NE 231
Course Credit: 
August - December

This is a foundation course discussing various phenomena related to fluids and fluid-interfaces at micro-nano scale. This is a pre-requisite for advanced courses and research work related to micro-nano fluidics. Transport in fluids, equations of change, flow at micro-scale, hydraulic circuit analysis, passive scalar transport, potential fluid flow, stokes flow Electrostatics and electrodynamics, electroosmosis, electrical double layer (EDL), zeta potential, species and charge transport, particle electrophoresis, AC electrokinetics Surface tension, hysteresis and elasticity of triple line, wetting and long range forces, hydrodynamics of interfaces, surfactants, special interfaces Suspensions, rheology, nanofluidics, thick-EDL systems, DNA transport and analysis.

Instructor: Prosenjit Sen