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Semiconductor Devices and Integrated Circuit Technology

Course Code: 
NE 205
Course Credit: 
August - December

This is a foundation level course in the area of electronic device technology. Band structure and carrier statistics, Intrinsic and extrinsic semiconductor, Carrier transport, p-n junction, Metal-semiconductor junction, Bipolar Junction Transistor, Heterojunction, MOS capacitor, Capacitance-Voltage characteristics, MOSFET, JEFET, Current-Voltage characteristics, Light Emitting Diode, Photodiode, Photovoltaics, Charge Coupled Device Integrated circuit processing, Oxidation, Ion implantation, Annealing, Diffusion, Wet etching and dry plasma etching, Physical vapour deposition, Chemical vapour deposition, Atomic layer deposition, Photolithography, Electron beam lithography, Chemical mechanical polishing, Electroplating, CMOS process integration, Moore’s law, CMOS technology scaling, Short channel effects, Introduction to Technology CAD, Device and Process simulation and modelling.

Instructor: Digbijoy N. Nath