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Simple and low-cost liquid phase epitaxy (LPE) technique to grow high quality epitaxial films of germanium on silicon (100)

Germanium has significantly high electron and hole mobility compared to silicon, which makes it a promising material for CMOS technology. Ge is used in photonics both as an absorber in near IR as well as a waveguide for mid-IR. Ge is also lattice matched to III-V semiconductors, so good quality III-V films can be grown on Ge substrates. However, integrating device-grade epitaxial germanium on conventional silicon (100) wafers is quite challenging because the lattice parameters of Ge and Si differ by ~4%. This mismatch leads to defects which reduce device performance. In this work we have developed a method to obtain epitaxial germanium on silicon using novel liquid-phase epitaxy method. The resulting Ge films have excellent crystallinity, low dislocation density, and low roughness, making them ideal of a range of applications.


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