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Coalescence of liquid marbles on oil-infused surface

TitleCoalescence of liquid marbles on oil-infused surface
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2024
AuthorsLathia, R, Deshmukh, P, Vinaya, V, Sen, P
JournalPhysics of Fluids

While droplets typically merge instantly in an air medium, alterations to the outer medium can complicate the coalescence process. This study investigates droplet coalescence dynamics when encapsulated by a uniform liquid–solid composite shell, aiming to understand its implications for mechanical stability and merging behavior. The uniform shell around a sessile droplet is produced by using liquid marble on oil-infused surfaces (LMOI). The coalescence dynamics was studied under two different conditions: droplet with LMOI and LMOI with LMOI. In contrast to merging of bare droplets, coalescence involving at least one LMOI reveals a three-step process, including spreading, depletion, and eventual merging phases. Higher oil viscosity influences the merging process, with increased viscosity leading to delayed merging with longer spreading and depletion phases. LMOI exhibits significant resistance to merging with another LMOI, necessitating external triggers like pressure or electric fields for coalescence. These findings provide insights into designing microreactor systems based on LMOI, contributing to the comprehension of their dynamics and functionalities.