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Complex filter based spectrum sensor for narrowband detection over a wide sensing bandwidth

TitleComplex filter based spectrum sensor for narrowband detection over a wide sensing bandwidth
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2015
AuthorsKhatri, V, Banerjee, G
Conference NameElectronics, Computing and Communication Technologies (CONECCT), 2015 IEEE International Conference on
Date PublishedJuly
Keywordsband-pass filters, CMOS image sensors, Cognitive Radios, complex filter band pass nature, complex filter based wideband spectrum sensor, Complex filters, Energy detection, Envelope detectors, image filtering, image rejection ratio, image resolution, large detection bandwidth, local oscillator signal, lower sideband separation, mixed-mode CMOS RF process, Narrowband, narrowband detection, Radio frequency, radio spectrum management, signal detection, size 130 nm, smaller band resolution, source separation, Spectrum sensing receivers, Universal Serial Bus, upper sideband separation, wide sensing bandwidth, Wideband, Wideband Spectrum sensing

This work introduces a complex filter based wideband spectrum sensor capable of narrowband detection. This work makes use of the band pass nature of the complex filter to achieve two objectives : i) Separation of upper sideband (USB) and lower sideband (LSB) around the local oscillator (LO) signal and ii) Resolution of smaller bands within a large detection bandwidth. The design is implemented in 130 nm mixed-mode CMOS RF process. The simulation results show a sensitivity of close to -50 dBm with image rejection ratio (IRR) close to 30 dB. The overall wideband detection bandwidth is 250 MHz which is partitioned into 40 MHz narrowband chunks with 6 such overlapping chunks.