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Device scaling model for bulk FinFETs

TitleDevice scaling model for bulk FinFETs
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2012
AuthorsMedury, A, Mercha, K, Ritzenthaler, R, De Keersgieter, A, Chiarella, T, Collaert, N, Bhat, N, Bhat, KN
Conference Name2012 13th International Conference on Ultimate Integration on Silicon (ULIS)
Date PublishedMarch
Keywordsbulk FinFET, Bulk FinFETs, CMOS integrated circuits, CMOS scaling, device design, device scaling model, Doping, drain voltage, drain-induced-barrier lowering, electrostatics, Equations, fin doping, fin geometry variation, FinFETs, Mathematical model, MOSFET, off-state current, Predictive Device Scaling Model, Semiconductor device modeling, subthreshold slope, technology scaling, Threshold voltage

{FinFETs are being considered as an attractive alternative to enable further CMOS Scaling. In this paper, a device scaling model for the electrostatics of bulk FinFETs is presented. Device parameters such as subthreshold slope (SS), threshold voltage (Vth), off-state current (IOFF)>; drain-induced-barrier lowering (DIBL) are modeled showing good agreement with TCAD and experimental results. Besides predicting the effects of technology scaling, this model provides good insight in terms of device design. By accounting for the effects of fin geometry variation and the drain voltage (Vd) on the effective fin doping (Na(ef)), the present work is very useful in determining Na(ff)) for low Vth, standard Vth and high Vth applications. Based on this model, it is also possible to determine the geometrical parameters required to achieve SS = 80 mV/dec