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Multi-point Sensing System for Plantar Pressure Measurement

TitleMulti-point Sensing System for Plantar Pressure Measurement
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2007
AuthorsVenugopal, G, Parmar, BJ, Rajanna, K, Nayak, MM
Conference NameSensors, 2007 IEEE
Date PublishedOct
KeywordsAnthropometry, Capacitive sensors, foil type strain gauges, Foot, force measurement, human foot pressure distribution, Humans, Instruments, multipoint pressure sensor system, multipoint sensing system, Optical sensors, plantar pressure measurement, Pressure measurement, pressure sensors, Sensor systems, signal conditioning circuitry, Structural beams

In this paper, the development of a novel multipoint pressure sensor system suitable for the measurement of human foot pressure distribution has been presented. It essentially consists of a matrix of cantilever sensing elements supported by beams. Foil type strain gauges have been employed for the conversion of foot pressure in to proportional electrical response. Information on the signal conditioning circuitry used is given. Also, the results obtained on the performance of the system are included.