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Photonic crystal-based force sensor to measure sub-micro newton forces over a wide range.

TitlePhotonic crystal-based force sensor to measure sub-micro newton forces over a wide range.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2016
AuthorsSreenivasulu, T, Kolli, VRao, Yadunath, TR, Badrinarayana, T, Sahu, A, Hegde, G, Mohan, S, Srinivas, T
JournalCurrent Science (00113891)
KeywordsCantilever beam, force sensing, Optical sensors, photonic crystal resonator.
A photonic crystal-based force sensor to μeasure forces in the wide range 100 nN-10 μN is proposed here. An optiμized photonic crystal resonator integrated on top of a Si/SiO2 bilayer cantilever, is used as the sensing device. A sensitivity of 0.1 nμ for a force of 100 nN is obtained with a high-quality factor of 10,000. The sensor characteristics in the force ranges 0-1 μN and 0-10 μN are also presented here. Linear wavelength shift and constant quality factor are observed in the entire studied force range. [ABSTRACT FROM AUTHOR]
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