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Pressure transducer with Au-Ni thin-film strain gauges

TitlePressure transducer with Au-Ni thin-film strain gauges
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication1993
AuthorsRajanna, K, Mohan, S, Nayak, MM, Gunasekaran, N, Muthunayagam, AE
JournalIEEE Transactions on Electron Devices
Date PublishedMar
KeywordsAssembly, Au-Ni alloys, Au-Ni thin-film strain gauges, Bonding, Capacitive sensors, effects of postdeposition heat treatment, Fabrication, gold alloys, Heat treatment, Hysteresis, Insulation, metallic thin films, nickel alloys, nonlinearity, output behavior, output performance, pressure cycles number effect, pressure transducer, pressure transducers, Resistance, Resistance heating, strain gauges, temperature effect, Temperature sensors, thin film devices, Transducers, Transistors

The behavior of a pressure transducer with Au-Ni (89:11) film as strain gauges has been studied. The effects of postdeposition heat treatment on the resistance of the thin-film strain gauges and hence the output performance of the pressure transducer are discussed. The effect of a repeated number of pressure cycles carried out over a period of eight months has also been reported. The maximum nonlinearity and the hysteresis is improved from 0.92% FSO to 0.06% FSO after 1000 pressure cycles. The output behavior of the pressure transducer with temperature has also been studied