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Silicon Photonics enabled on-chip Optical Readout of piezoMEMS Resonators

TitleSilicon Photonics enabled on-chip Optical Readout of piezoMEMS Resonators
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2020
AuthorsMere, V, Tiwari, S, Dash, A, Kallega, R, Naik, A, Pratap, R, Selvaraja, SKumar
Conference Name2020 IEEE Sensors
KeywordsGratings, Laser beams, Measurement by laser beam, Optical device fabrication, Optical resonators, Optical sensors, System-on-chip

In this paper, we present the first demonstration of a promising technology that enables integration of a PiezoMEMS device and on-chip optical read-out. We demonstrate sensor integration by bonding a PZT-based microbeam on a silicon photonics-based resonance interrogator. We report on-chip measurement of three resonance modes of PiezoMEMS beam. We find excellent agreement between on-chip photonics and conventional LDV measurement. We also demonstrate measurement in a vacuum with one-order improvement in the quality factor of the fundamental resonance mode