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Single Chip Gas Sensor Array for Air Quality Monitoring

TitleSingle Chip Gas Sensor Array for Air Quality Monitoring
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2017
AuthorsPrajapati, CShekhar, Soman, R, Rudraswamy, SB, Nayak, M, Bhat, N
JournalJournal of Microelectromechanical Systems
KeywordsFabrication, Gas detectors, Heating, sensor arrays, temperature measurement, Temperature sensors

This paper describes the fabrication of a four element gas sensor array for monitoring air pollutants, namely CO, CO2, NO2, and SO2. The four micro-heaters share a single suspended SiO2 diaphragm, utilizing thermal proximity to achieve low power consumption (~10 mW for 300 °C). Plasma enhanced chemical vapour deposition SiO2 diaphragm is demonstrated to give higher yield compared with thermally grown SiO2. Sensor array elements are fabricated by customizing each element to sense a specific gas, using different sensing materials. Optimized thin films of ZnO, BaTiO3-CuO doped with 1% Ag, WO3, and V2O5 are used for selective sensing of CO, CO2, NO2, and SO2. Four sensors can be independently controlled to operate at different temperatures to get high selectivity for test gases. The sensor array is packaged on Kovar header, and then characterized for gas sensing. It is demonstrated that the sensors exhibit good sensitivity and selectivity. We report a maximum repeatable response to CO (~78.3% for 4.75 ppm), CO2 (~65% for 900 ppm), NO2 (~1948.8% for 0.9 ppm), and SO2 (~77% for 3 ppm) at operating temperatures of 330 °C, 298 °C, 150 °C, and 405 °C, respectively.