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Unconventional plasmonic sensitization of graphene in mid-infrared

TitleUnconventional plasmonic sensitization of graphene in mid-infrared
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2021
AuthorsParia, D, Vadakkumbatt, V, Ravindra, P, Avasthi, S, Ghosh, A

Light–matter interaction in graphene can be engineered and substantially enhanced through plasmonic sensitization, which has led to numerous applications in photodetection, sensing, photocatalysis and spectroscopy. The majority of these designs have relied on conventional plasmonic materials such as gold, silver and aluminum. This limits the implementation of such devices to the ultraviolet and visible regimes of the electromagnetic spectrum. However, for many practical applications, including those relevant to security and defense, the development of new strategies and materials for sensing and detection of infra red (IR) light is crucial. Here we use surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy (SERS), for direct visualization and estimation of enhanced light–matter interaction in graphene in the mid-IR regime, through sensitization by an unconventional plasmonic material. Specifically, we fabricate a hybrid device consisting of a single layer graphene and a two-dimensional array of nanodiscs of aluminum doped zinc oxide (AZO), which is a highly doped semiconductor, exhibiting plasmonic resonance in the mid-IR. We find that the enhancement in the SERS signal of graphene is of similar magnitude to what has been achieved previously in the visible using conventional plasmonic materials. Our results establish the potential of such hybrid systems for graphene-based optical and optoelectronic applications in the mid-IR.