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airCeNSE – A sensor reader for CeNSE developed gas sensor array

We have developed a hand-held battery operated state of the art reader for packaged gas sensor array developed at CeNSE. Packaging scheme for sensors has been optimized. A pin compatible sensor component housing distinct sensing elements or sensor array coupled with RH, Temp and Pressure sensor has been realized and is under testing.

Features of airCeNSE:

  • CeNSE developed solid state gas sensors to sense CO, NO2, CO2, SO2 gases along with Temp/RH and air pressure.
  • Integrated 3.2-inch resistive touch screen for user interface.
  • Data logging to SD card
  • Inbuilt RTC for time stamping
  • User programmable Sensor supply and heater voltages
  • Heater and sensor excitation voltage range: 0v – 5v
  • Inbuilt 16-bit ADC for accurate measurement
  • Powered via micro-usb cable or a 3.7-volt single lithium ion / polymer cell.
  • Inbuilt boost / buck converter for wide input range: (2.8v- 5.2v)
  • Built-in battery charging / maintenance circuitry for continuous operation.