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S. A. Shivashankar

Research Interests

  • Chemical synthesis of nanomaterials, nanostructured thin films by vapour and solution-based methods: CVD, ALD, Pyrolysis, sol-gel
  • Development of chemical precursors; exploring applications of these materials
  • Lead role in INUP, extending CeNSE facilities to researchers from around Indian and beyond


  • White light source using nanostructures, S. Brahma, K.K. Nanda, S.A. Shivashankar, Provisional Application in India, No. 2905/CHE/2010 (2010).
  • Metal Oxide-Carbon Nanotube Composite Coatings and single-step Process thereof, Pallavi Arod, S.A. Shivashankar, Provisional Application in India, No. 3595/CHE/2010 (2010).
  • A composition of electrode material in the form of a coating and a process thereof, A. Varade, S.A. Shivashankar, S. Dhar, S. Sampath, Indian Patent Application No. 01793/CHE/2007 and US Application No. US 2011/0110019 A1.
  • A sub-threshold capFET sensor for sensing analyte, a method and system thereof, N. Bhat, B. Jayaraman, S.A. Shivashankar, R. Pratap, PCT Application No. PCT/IN2008/000385 (2009)
  • A rapid coating process and its application to lead-acid batteries, S.A. Shivashankar, A.K. Shukla, A.U. Mane, B. Hariprakash, S.A. Gaffoor, US Patent No. 6,889,410 (2005).