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Distributed piezoelectric Thin Film Sensor Array for monitoring impact events

TitleDistributed piezoelectric Thin Film Sensor Array for monitoring impact events
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2013
AuthorsJoshi, S, Nayak, MM, Rajanna, K
Conference NameSENSORS, 2013 IEEE
Date PublishedNov
KeywordsAFM technique, atomic force microscopy, CoCrNi, composite structure, condition monitoring, distributed piezoelectric TFSA, distributed sensors, distributed TFSA, failure analysis, FESEM technique, field emission electron microscopy, Films, flexible Phynox alloy substrate, Force, force measurement, force time history monitoring, II-VI semiconductors, impact event monitoring accuracy, impact force measurement, Impact sensing, impact sensing layer, location monitoring, magnitude monitoring, matrix algebra, metal insulator metal, MIM structures, MIM type structure, Monitoring, Phynox common electrode, piezoelectric devices, piezoelectric thin films, piezoelectric ZnO thin film, Piezoelectricity, quality control, RF reactive magnetron sputtering, semiconductor thin films, sensing element matrix, sensor arrays, Sensors, size 3 cm, sputtering, structural engineering, structural health monitoring, Substrates, thin film sensor array, thin film sensors, wide band gap semiconductors, zinc compounds, Zinc oxide, ZnO, ZnO thin film

Accurate monitoring of impact events is of paramount importance for structural health monitoring, quality control and failure analysis of numerous structures. The present paper reports on the application aspect of distributed piezoelectric Thin Film Sensor Array (TFSA) for the impact force measurement. The distributed TFSA consists of 3×3 sensing element matrix of piezoelectric ZnO thin film. Highly c-axis oriented piezoelectric ZnO thin film was deposited on the flexible Phynox alloy substrate by RF reactive magnetron sputtering and was characterized by FESEM and AFM techniques. The individual sensing element is a MIM (Metal Insulator Metal) type structure. The ZnO thin film acts as an impact sensing layer and is sandwiched between Phynox common electrode and silver thin film as a top electrode. The overall dimension of the developed TFSA was 3cm × 3cm, and it monitors the location, force-time history and magnitude of the impact force. The developed piezoelectric TFSA has potential applications in monitoring the impact events on several composite structures like wings of an aircraft, crash testing of vehicles and wearable sports impact indicators.