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Electron transport in large-area epitaxial MoS2

TitleElectron transport in large-area epitaxial MoS2
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2014
AuthorsNath, DN, Ma, L, Lee, CH, Lee, E, Arehart, A, Wu, Y, Rajan, S
Conference Name72nd Device Research Conference
Date PublishedJune
KeywordsAl2O3, centimeter length scale, chemical vapor deposition, chemical vapour deposition, crystalline order, crystallinity, current density, CVD, Effective mass, electron mobility, electron transport, Epitaxial growth, epitaxial layers, epitaxial molybdenum sulfide, high current density, high electron mobility, molybdenum compounds, MoS2, sapphire, Scattering, temperature 293 K to 298 K, temperature measurement

We have investigated the electron transport phenomena in large area chemical vapor deposition (CVD) grown epitaxial MoS2 on sapphire with in-plane and out of plane crystallinity over centimeter length scales. The high quality of these films leads to record high room temperature electron mobility of 192 cm2/Vs and high current density (> 150 mA/mm). The transport measurements are in good agreement with theoretical predictions of scattering and anisotropy in effective mass. This is the first report of synthetic few layer MoS2 with longrange crystalline order, and mobility approaching theoretical limits.