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Thin film anodized titania nanotubes-based oxygen sensor

TitleThin film anodized titania nanotubes-based oxygen sensor
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2014
AuthorsViegas, AE, Chatterjee, D, Choudhury, TH, Raghavan, S, Bhat, N
Conference NameEmerging Electronics (ICEE), 2014 IEEE 2nd International Conference on
Date PublishedDec
Keywordsammonia, anodisation, Anodization, aqueous ammonia solution, Chemicals, deionized water, Films, gas sensors, nanosensors, nanotubes, O2, oxidation, oxidization, oxygen, Oxygen Sensor, post-anodization treatment, Sensitivity, structural modification, Substrates, temperature 125 degC, Temperature sensors, Thin Film, thin film anodized titania nanotube-based oxygen gas sensor, thin film sensors, TiO2, Titania, titanium compounds

Anodized titania, synthesized on oxidized silicon substrate, has been used as oxygen gas sensor. The as-anodized films resulted in a sensitivity of 5756% at 125°C, when exposed to 100% oxygen. The gas-sensing performance of anodized films has been evaluated with post-anodization treatment in de-ionized water and aqueous ammonia solution. The sensitivity increases to 8646% and 16599%, with post-treatment in aqueous ammonia solution and de-ionized water, respectively. This is attributed to increase surface area and activation during the post- anodization treatment. The repeatability of sensor performance has also been evaluated, and it is observed that the de-ionized water treated film is unstable for repeated sensing, possibly due to some structural modifications.