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Pressure Sensors

Pressure sensors comprise about 60% of the MEMS market. Among the various types of pressure sensors, piezoresistive pressure sensors are easy to design to suit a wide range of pressures. Our pressure transducers are miniature piezoresistive based sensors fabricated using silicon micromachining techniques, which enable great precision in realizing the diaphragm. The diaphragm acts as the sensing element and the piezoresistors serve as transducers.

MEMS pressure sensors are popular because they are inexpensive, simple to fabricate, compact, lightweight, highly sensitive and accurate, while consuming little power. They also offer excellent repeatability and the ability to build redundancy in same size, as they lend themselves to mass production. Devices designed to sense low pressures can be “scaled” to measure much higher pressures without changing the overall dimensions of the pressure transducer.

All the finer elements of design, fabrication, packaging, characterization and calibration of silicon micromachined piezoresistive sensors for pressures ranging from 150 mbar to 600 bar were fabricated at the National Nano Fabrication Centre (NNfC) of CeNSE.