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Demonstration of 2D/3D p-MoS2/n-SiC junction

TitleDemonstration of 2D/3D p-MoS2/n-SiC junction
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2014
AuthorsLee, EW, Ma, L, Nath, DN, Lee, CH, Wu, Y, Rajan, S
Conference Name72nd Device Research Conference
Date PublishedJune
Keywords2D-3D p-MoS2-n-SiC junction, anisotype p-n junction, bipolar devices, Capacitance-voltage characteristics, crystalline p-MoS2 epitaxial growth, Epitaxial growth, Films, Junctions, molybdenum compounds, MoS2-SiC, novel device topologies, ohmic contacts, p-doping, p-n heterojunctions, p-type 2D-n-type 3D heterostructures, rectification, Semiconductor device measurement, semiconductor epitaxial layers, Silicon carbide, silicon compounds, Substrates, WBG semiconductors, wide band gap semiconductors, wide bandgap semiconductors

In this work, we demonstrate 2D/3D heterojunction using large-area crystalline p-MoS2 epitaxially grown on n-doped 4H-SiC. The diode exhibited excellent rectification with an ideality factor of 1.5, as well as C-V characteristics typical of an anisotype p-n junction. Besides being promising for enabling novel device topologies, this realization of a p-type 2D/n-type 3D heterostructure holds potential for circumventing challenges associated with p-doping in wide bandgap (WBG) semiconductors which has otherwise held back the successful development of bipolar devices in WBG systems.