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High-Performance HfO2 Back Gated Multilayer MoS2 Transistors

TitleHigh-Performance HfO2 Back Gated Multilayer MoS2 Transistors
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2016
AuthorsGanapathi, KL, Bhattacharjee, S, Mohan, S, Bhat, N
JournalIEEE Electron Device Letters
Date PublishedJune
Keywordsback gated multilayer transistors, back-gated molybdenum disulfide transistors, charge impurity screening, contact resistance, dielectric materials, drain current, field effect mobility, field effect transistors, Films, gate coupling, hafnium compounds, HfO2, HfO2-Si, high-k dielectric, intrinsic mobility, logic gates, molybdenum compounds, MoS2, Multilayer MoS2 Transistor, multilayers, Nonhomogeneous media, S, silicon compounds, SiO2, size 6.2 nm, Substrates, sulfur treatment, sulphur, Transconductance and Mobility, transconductance value, Transistors, voltage 1 V, Y function technique

A new substrate ( 30-nm HfO2/Si) is developed for high-performance back-gated molybdenum disulfide (MoS2) transistors. Record drain current Ids 180 μA/μm and transconductance value gm 75 μS/μm at Vds = 1V have been achieved for 1-μm channel length multilayer MoS2 transistors on HfO2/Si substrate. The transistors on HfO2 substrate show > 2.5× enhancement in field effect mobility (μFE 65 cm2/V·s) compared with the transistors on SiO2 (μFE 65 cm2/V·s) substrate. The intrinsic mobility extracted from Y function technique (μFE 154 cm2/V·s) is 3× more than SiO2 substrate. The drastic improvement in transistor performance is attributed to a combination of three factors: 1) efficient gate coupling with an EOT of 6.2 nm; 2) charge impurity screening due to high-k dielectric; and 3) very low contact resistance through sulfur treatment.